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Earn Money By Clicking And Looking At Online Advertising


Some pages allow you to earn money by clicking on advertising ads, as simple as that. These pages will show you banners or text ads to which you will have to click, and for that reason, they pay you a certain amount of money, since it is the click you make in the advertisement or by staying a few seconds on the website to which you are redirected.

The amount of money usually paid by these companies is generally between 0.01 and 0.02 dollars, which may seem small, but when you are registered in many of these pages at once, and you get referrals, the profits are increasing exponentially. Also, the average time usually required for a person to remain on the website to which they were directed when they clicked on advertising is often 30 seconds. 

You probably do not get to become a millionaire, but it is a simple alternative to have an extra income that allows you to cover some expenses.

The good thing about this type of service, known as PTC, is that you will not have to invest one euro and you can start earning money from the first moment free of charge and without needing any specialized knowledge.

Earn Money Playing Free Online Games

Every day there are more ways to make money online, and you have to take advantage of them. One of the ways I like the most is the pages that allow me to win prizes, gifts, and money for playing free games. These pages usually give you the opportunity to play a few limited games a day, with which you get points that you can then redeem for different prizes or money.

Many of the people who register, they want to have more games to play, and at any time can buy chips or credits to continue playing, and that’s where these types of sites earn money. I only play the free games that they offer me daily, to gradually increase my balance and, with patience, go-getting money gifts (which pay through PayPal).

Get Some Extra Money For Reading Emails

Another option to earn fast money on the internet is the pages that pay you to open advertising emails. These pages or platforms are entirely free, and you start making money from the first moment, yes, you have to be patient because it adds very little by little. Each one has a minimum of money to be able to charge (usually € 50), and when you arrive, you can request payment by PayPal or bank transfer.

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